Weekly Classes & Private Lessons

Update! I am now offering in-person private lessons for groups of 4 or less!

New this year, I’m offering mini private lessons! This new category is born out of understanding the strain of finances and zoom fatigue. I want you all to dance and create, but offer a way in which this could be done economically and personally. This is my answer to that.

These mini lessons to me are something that I always wish I had access to as a student. Private lessons can be VERY difficult to afford as they are often $50+ per hour. While it it worth it in many cases, if the money isn’t there it just isn’t there. The way I am going to address this for my students is to offer mini privates, 30 minute lessons for $20. This way you get that one on one attention to supplement your own practice at an affordable price.

If you identify as Black, Indigenous, person of color, MEHNAT, a person with a disability, or LGBTQ I offer a discount of 50%. No proof of identity or financial hardship required. Use the code: ACCOUNTABILITY at checkout. Read more about reparative pricing on my blog.

Lesson Options

Stay tuned for more classes rolling out in the next few months!

Kate Soleil brings passion, fun, and professionalism to every performance I’ve witnessed. She is a dedicated student and advocate for Middle Eastern dance, and it shows! I am proud to call her a friend and colleague.


Kate Soleil is a student, teacher, performer of raqs sharqi. SKate Soleil holds a BA in Anthropology and English from the University of Virginia, is an Oriental Style Belly Dance Performer & Instructor, Social Worker, and Personal Trainer in training.

She’s dedicated her life to the study of her art, the creative process, and coaching others in personal and professional settings. She lives with her fiancée in Portland, Oregon, is a proud cat mama, an avid book worm and knitter.he is a personal trainer