Reparative Pricing: Discount for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, MEHNAT peoples, and LGBTQ+ folks

During my time off the past several months I have been critically rethinking the way I do business. My business is personal which means having my business reflect my values is important to me and critical to the community I serve. I realized and still realize I can do better. As I’m starting to teach again, I am offering reparative pricing for our Black, Indigenous, People of Color, MEHNAT, LGBTQ, and disability community members. Please use this code: ACCOUNTABILITY

Why? Reparative pricing is a critical anti-racist action I can take to make change within my sphere and encourage systemic amends to communities who actively experience violence and oppression. This is not charity or scholarship; reparations are different because they’re owed unconditionally, consistently, and systematically and without them we cannot move forward in achieving equity or dismantling white supremacy.

I do need or want proof of identity. All folks are Black, Indigenous, person of color, MEHNAT, person with a disability, or LGBTQ are invited to use this code at checkout regardless of financial circumstance.

Happy dancing,

xoxo Kate

Kate Soleil holds a BA in Anthropology and English from the University of Virginia, is an Oriental Style Belly Dance Performer & Instructor, Social Worker, and Personal Trainer in training.

She’s dedicated her life to the study of her art, the creative process, and coaching others in personal and professional settings. She lives with her husband in Portland, Oregon, is a proud cat mama, an avid book worm and knitter.

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