I am Kate Soleil, a Portland, OR based professional performer and instructor specializing in Oriental and folk dance from Egypt and the Middle East, commonly known as “belly dance”.

I am passionate about celebrating women’s power and strengthening our community of women through movement. I offer performances, classes, and workshops to those interested in learning more about oriental dance as well as to those interested in honoring and reconnecting to the feminine power and creativity in ourselves and in our community.

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Performance and Movement Art

Celebrating women’s strength, power, and community through movement


Let me help you ground into your feminine power and honor the strength of womanhood. 

I’m a performer and dance teacher specializing in Egyptian oriental dance. This beautiful art form celebrates the essence of womanhood and femininity as well as calls us to connect with our fellow women and our own spirit through music and movement.

Dance is the movement of life. As we move through dance we embody our happiness and joy or sometimes hold space for our sadness and grief as we transition thorough life. In my 10+ collective years of dancing, I have come to see dance as inextricably linked to the essence of life. As such, I offer performances and movement workshops at events focusing on and honoring women’s life transitions as well as events that strengthen our community of women. Such events can range from joyous occasions to ceremonies for healing from trauma, grief, or feminine woundedness.


  • My movement workshops and classes focus on grounding into ourselves through mindfulness, movement, playfulness, and creativity. I create and hold space for women to explore creative feminine movement in a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment. If we are honoring a woman in transition, then our communal intention focuses on honoring and supporting her.                                        ———————————————————————————————————————           
  • My dance performances last about 25-30 minutes and can include finger cymbals, silk veil, cane dance (raqs assaya), candelabra dance (raqs shamadan), and more. Additional dancers and live musicians may also be available by request for an extra price.


Example performance and movement settings*


Candelabra dance or Raqs Shamadan. This dance is commonly performed at weddings. Photo by Jeanie Lewis Photography


  • Feminist/alternate bachelorette parties
  • First moon parties
  • Sweet sixteens or quinceañeras
  • Wedding showers
  • Fertility ceremonies
  • Baby showers/adoption parties/birthing ceremonies/postpartum celebrations
  • Goddess parties
  • Trauma healing ceremonies
  • Girl’s weekends
  • Any sort of event celebrating women and feminine community
  • Retreats
  • Festivals, faires, and cultural events

*All pricing is dependent upon the type and location of event. Final pricing will be determined after a no-obligation consultation. 


Contact me for more information or to discuss booking.


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Blog: Owning It

A blog on living creatively through dance and more

he reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what

Kate’s thoughts, opinions, and insight regarding dance, life, and creativity.

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